Private: Introducing Ed Page

Ed Page used to work in a library. He’s the copy editor for The Big Jewel. His favorite novel is Steven Millhauser’s Martin Dressler, which, he says, “is magical, strange, and set at the turn of the 20th century — all pluses in my book — or, rather, in Millhauser’s book.”

He grew up in Silverdale, Washington. In third grade, he kept a journal, and in sixth grade he was a Klingon:

My teacher, you see, was named Mrs. Kling.

Mrs. Kling was a fun teacher. Her hair was gray but it was cut in the short, fashionable style figure-skater Dorothy Hamill favored at the time. Mrs. Kling once told the class to avoid the phrase “I told you so” because, she said, “that phrase can lead to divorce.”

During high school, Ed listened mostly to music from the 60’s, especially the Beatles. His clock radio was set to the oldies station. Nowadays he also listens to Liz Phair, Fountains of Wayne, Pink Martini, the Black Cat Orchestra, the Royal Tenenbaums soundtrack, and Egyptian music.

Since 1992, Ed has lived in Seattle. He likes it there because “there are trees and mountains and the weather is unpredictable.”

Recently he participated in the Monkeybicycle/Hobart West Coast Tour.

Ed can recontextualize poets’ names and Moby-Dick chapter titles. He is happy to share some of his Golden Wisps of Autobiographical Gold. With Stephany Aulenback, he wrote some Pickup Lines That Went Unnoticed. ReadyMade published Ed’s instructions on how to make a kitten, but these are not available online. You can, however, read his story about falling in love with a cat or his poem about a crane and a zebra.

I have evidence, on this very site, that he is a master of literary linkage.