Private: Interviews, more

Bram van Moorhem interviews Jeffrey Eugenides, at 3AM. When asked about his fondness for impossible narrative voices, Eugenides says:

I think it may come from religious literature, you get a voice that issues from a mysterious place and tells you things of the utmost importance. There’s something I like about that, about not being able to know exactly where the voice is coming from.

Birnbaum interviews Michael Lesy, author of Wisconsin Death Trip.

Ionarts has translated a French interview with Don Delillo. An excerpt:

Yes. A wind of insanity has, in effect, blown over this country. It has become difficult not only to protest but even to speak. That said, to protest what? Against September 11, which was an attack against America? You protest against an idea or political system, not against an attack which is an ineluctable and unforeseeable fact. Hatred and confusion have reigned for a long time: how do you protest against a group of terrorists? You must admit it’s a little absurd, right? The real question is not to know if one is against or for it, to protest or accept it, but to understand it. And it’s difficult to make that be heard.

(Via Travelers Diagram.)

This seems like a good time to mention a newish French literary weblog, La Muselivre.