Private: Canada Reads: the literary Survivor

Canada doesn’t have many literary controversies–at least not outside of Canada Reads, a literary radio contest described by Rebecca Caldwell as a “Survivor-styled program, featuring five Canadian celebrities each championing a book and voting one book out of the studio each show.” This year’s show will be televised:

“I would be lying if I said it was a love-in,” [show producer Talin] Vartanian says, although she stresses that the panel had great chemistry and enjoyed the tapings, even going out to dinner together after the show.

“In the first show, Zsuzsi Gartner took the gloves off and said something nasty about a book, and all of a sudden it was off and then we could converse a little more realistically, and everybody could be sarcastic or wounded or whatever, so that was a good thing,” Cuddy says. He was amazed at the skill and preparation of some of the panelists he was up against….