Private: How we work now

Savita Iyer describes America’s New Mood:

My office used to be a friendly, open place, always ready for a lively debate. Now, we sit in clumps, divided in our opinions, unsure of how to deal with those who think differently. We sit in our little groups, hunched over our computers, silently reading the websites we choose to read – some alternative, others conservative. We hold hushed conversations on the phone with our friends and families, hesitant to share our views too loudly, even though it is quite well known who belongs to which camp. When we meet in the hallways, we smile, we nod – we talk about the Oscars, the gorgeous spring weather we are having in New York. And we quickly move on.

(Thanks to Tess for turning me on to Alternet, where this story appeared, and to which I am addicted.)

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