Hot WWW Tips! Yes, guy!

Here are three “Web Sites” I would like to share:

Hotmail — This is a free service offered by a company called Microsoft. Basically, Electronic Mail, or “Email” (also, “e-mail”) is like writing letters to your friends, except “on-line”. It is much faster than regular mail, and as far I understand, eliminates the need for postmen.

Ebay — The Online Marketplace — Buy and sell used goods over the World Wide Internet? Apparently hundreds of people are already doing just that on “Ebay” (Electronic Bay). That elusive first Menudo album, Reebok Pumps, half-eaten sandwiches — all available at rock-bottom prices, plus shipping.

Google Search Engine — Sometimes the enormity of “The Super International World Web Intranet Highway” can just seem too much. That’s where the folks at Google come in: simply type in what you are looking for, and one of Google’s employees will scour the company’s databases, delivering “hit” after glorious “hit” within seconds. Highly recommended.

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