Private: His own putrefying flesh

Looks like Stephen King is all set to win a literary award: “the organization that presents the National Book Awards is planning to give its annual medal for distinguished contribution to American letters to Stephen King.”

TMFTML, The Antic Muse, and Holly Martins comment on King’s writing, his literary selections at EW, and the likely effect of the award.

Robert McCrum characterizes the Booker short list as a lottery and argues that U.S. novels should be considered. (Via Publishers Lunch.)

British experts offer advice on getting a job in journalism. One quick tip to take away: if you sleep with the editor, shave first. (Via Prints the Chaff, which has moved.)

The world’s largest book.

Public research libraries, “squeezed between state budget cuts and a decade of rampant inflation in journal prices, [are] drop[ping] printed journals in droves.” The online versions of these journals generally are not available to the public. (Via That Rabbit Girl.)