Help me out here

Last Friday night I went with several friends (including these two) to see Todd Levin‘s show. He was funny.

Unfortunately, I drank a little too much, a little too early. So early that I heckled some of the comedians who preceded him. So early that I’ve forgotten pretty much all of Mr. Levin’s jokes, except for his opening lines.

This means that I’m unable to respond to his call for a “professional-sounding recollection of the evening.”

So, to avoid complete embarrassment, I’m stealing an idea from Eyeshot, whose proprietor on Saturday night failed to show up for a silent reading he’d planned in Central Park and then asked for reports and alibis from those who did and did not show up.

If you were at Mr. Levin’s show, please consider sending him your recollection.

If, on the other hand, if you weren’t there, but would like to let him know how it went, or to explain why you didn’t attend, please send an account of the evening to me, and I will post it here.

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