Private: Hawthorne sees scarlet

Also from TMFTML today: this blurb on Nathaniel Hawthorne’s parenting journal and Paul Auster’s glee over Hawthorne’s confessions that he was “strongly tempted of the Evil One to murder [his son’s pet rabbit] privately.”

Rick has corrected my original misreading:

I am, as the father of a 5 year old, going to have to step in and vindicate Nate Dawg Hawthorne from your captious, ill-read slander. The blurb by Auster makes it clear that Mr. Hawthorne was tempted to kill the bunny.

Hopefully the Department of Chitlin and Families hasn’t exhumed and tried the late author. On the other hand, I’ve got a cat that I’ve been in swoons to kill for about a year now ( did you meet my cat when you were down last time, Mr. Boris Horace Morrisey?) so send P.E.T.A. right over….