Good Morning

Since I live on the west coast, I’m going to post a hello right now and say “hello,” and then probably be missing for awhile. Missing until I get up in the morning and have coffee and scratch my head and say hello to the family and hug the dog and walk my kids.

So, I’ll start your day with a brand new entry from my brand new book (not even finished writing it yet–won’t be released for a year still) right here:

Front Door

Why does the cat get to go out the front door? What have you done? You will not cross the street, which the cat does. You will not dig in the neighbor’s garden, which the cat does. You will not walk along the top of the fence, which the cat does. And by the way, how does she do that? Her powers are extra-ordinary. Too bad she is also extra-ordinarily stupid.

You do not envy her.

You do not.

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