Private: Get ready, Canada

Last week, as I sat in my backyard having a smoke and a beer with a neighbor and his buddy, the neighbor mentioned that he’s seriously thinking of relocating to Canada.*

The next day, Lindsay Robertson said:

For months now, I’ve been thinking that the contrast between growing Conservatism and General Disregard for the Constitution in the U.S., and a burst of new freedom and individual liberties in Canada (marijuana legalization, gay marriage) will eventually lead to mass expatriation of Americans to Canada (and not just gay stoners!) I’ve talked to a lot of people who feel the same way. That’s probably why not one, not two, but three people sent me the link to this Associated Press article.

So, not only will I be keeping up with this trend, I’ve hired my very own Top Secret Embedded Canadian Correspondent!

The first report from the correspondent is due today.

Travelers Diagram, another Brooklyn-based weblog, links to the same article and some disheartening U.S. education statistics.

And Caterina (in Seattle) has linked to and quoted from a review of Fire and Ice: The United States, Canada and the Myth of Converging Values:

Canada has always gone its own way to some degree. It spends about 45% of gross domestic product on government programs, vs. 35% for the U.S. It has national health care, doesn’t have a death penalty, and in most cases considers abortion a private issue between a woman and her doctor. And Canada, unlike the U.S., has strict gun-control legislation.

Also, there are some new speculations about when and how humans first reached the Americas. (Via That Rabbit Girl.)

* You may recall that I was checking out the immigration requirements back in March. The main obstacle: it’s cold in Canada.