Private: From an ex- who served in Desert Storm

March 1, 1991

….It’s roughly 2:11 A.M. on this chilly moonlit Kuwaiti night. Roughly? Because I have no watch.

It’s a full moon and almost bright enough to read by outside. To the east is the red-orange glow of gunning oilfields miles from where I stand pulling my hour and 35 minute share of radio monitoring….

[W]e probably won’t stay long. Well, much longer. Another day would be too long….

We rolled out and I saw the burning tanks, exploding bunkers, telltale muzzle flashes in the night. I heard the F-16 cluster bombs popcorning in the distance, the AT-10 attack planes firing, sounding like someone was tearing blue jeans apart at the seam. I felt (not heard) us firing round after round of cannon fire, the after-image tattooed on the back of my skull. And a smoking chunk of metal (about the length of my thigh) came flying through the air about 20 feet from me.

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