“Friendstergate”–Lindsay Robertson

You all know how I feel about Friendster, so it should come as no surprise that this rumor taken from a “Friendster BB message” and posted on Lindsayism is one I’m happy to spread:

the truth about friendster is that it its a ploy to get 2 million working emails so they can sell them to marketing companies who send you spam..

Here’s an excerpt from a solicitation allegedly sent by the founder of Friendster:

My name is John Abrams, founder and lead geek of Friendster.com. Since we opened our site to the public earlier this year, he have amassed nearly 2million working email addresses. We feel that the address list we have would be very valuble to your business and are willing to negotiate a fair price for this information. We cannot garuntee you exclusive rights to the list, but we can garuntee an email validitiy rate of 96%.

Good thing I created a new Hotmail address I never check and pretended to be an 80-year-old movie star from Ocean Springs, Mississippi, when I signed up.

Lindsay also links to an article about a Seattle woman who is addicted to the site.

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