Private: Former angry young men unite?

A friend passes along this rumor:

Word from the Costello offices today confirms that EC is planning to join Graham Parker, Joe Jackson, with Nick Lowe, on a fall World Tour tentatively titled “Angry Young Men – Live”. The group is expecting to play songs from each of the artists’ catalog, plus work of their prime influences such as Bob Dylan, and at least 3 to 5 new songs they’re co-authoring. The tour is expected to begin at New York’s Beacon Theatre the first week in August, and then play 27 dates across the US. UK and European date plans are pending.

Doesn’t this whole thing sound like the basis for a comedy sketch from the early 80’s? Okay, maybe not.

But I can’t believe Graham Parker would agree to participate; he’s been so bitter about ending up in Elvis Costello’s shadow for all of these years.

Still, if it happens, I’m in.