Private: Florida representatives say the damnedest things

The Grapefruit, a mysterious Florida political tip-sheet, is back. According to FlaBlog, the site was on hiatus when its editor was called to active duty. Evidently a substitute editor has been found. Here are some choice, pulpy tidbits:

Rep. Fred Brummer – Concerning a basketball game between the Republicans and Democrats, Brummer joked the Dems had an unfair advantage because they had “all the blacks.” Forget running for Speaker, Rep. Brummer.

Rep. Stacy Ritter – Proving the Democrats can also be racially insensitive and politically incorrect, Rep. Ritter introduced Tallahassee restaurateur Lucy Ho and said she wished South Florida had a “Ho House” then added “maybe we have some already, I’m not sure.”*

Rep. Dick Kravitz – In committee, Rep. Kravitz told committee members he liked Muslims and wished he had taken the opportunity to “date their women.”

* Lucy Ho is one of the nicest people in Tallahassee. She once allowed Max to shoot a student film in her house and restaurant.