Private: Exit the warrior

Recently my friend Tess charged that I must be the only girl in the world to admit to having liked Rush.*

Maybe this blurb from Cowboy Sally isn’t a similar admission, but I’m reading it as one:

I love when nerds rock out on the train with their big doofy headphones blaring math core. During this morning’s commute, K and I were situated in front of such a young man. I couldn’t tell what exactly he was listening to, but it sounded a bit like “Tom Sawyer,” by Rush. K and I conjectured for awhile. “No, it’s harder than Rush,” K said, frowning. “Like, maybe Yes.[**] Or Styx.” Needless to say, by the time I exited the train, “Tom Sawyer” was stuck in my head.

* okay, i’ll admit it: the use of the past tense is misleading. i don’t own any rush albums, but when their early stuff turns up on the radio i don’t change the station.
** if i told you that i once saw yes in concert, would you stop reading my blog?