Private: Email from mom

Subject lines of the last 15 email messages my mom forwarded to me:

Fw: Fw: How to call the Police–Effectively!
Fw: Fw: Feeling your age
Fw: Fw: 10 signs Jesus is coming soon!!
Fw: Fw: Something special for the people I Love…Grannymozes
Fw: Fw: Inner Strength
Fw: Fw: Teddy bear virus!
Fw: Fw: Read NOW!!!! Teddy bear virus a howx!!!
Fw: Fw: End Times & Middle East
Fw: Fw: Out of the mouth’s of babes
Fw: Fw: FDA Announcement (hilareous)
Fw: Fw: Ukraine adoptions [a really thoughtful poem]
Fw: Fw: 20 reasons not to take the smallpox vaccine
Fw: Fw: Warning about Green Grass Snakes
Fw: Fw: You may be a redneck if (New Ones!!) Thanks Chris..
Fw: Fw: Don’t forget to wear your bra to Wal-Mart!!!!

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