Eggers short-short

With “About the Man Who Began Flying After Meeting Her,” Dave Eggers begins a new series of short-short stories in the Guardian. Let’s hope they get better as they go along.

Some of my favorite short-shorts:

Kafka’s “First Sorrow

Stephany Aulenback’s “Small

And here’s a 166-word story by Padgett Powell, from Micro Fiction:

A Gentleman’s C

My father, trying finally to graduate from college at sixty-two, came, by curious circumstance, to be enrolled in an English class I taught, and I was, perhaps, a bit tougher on him than I was on the others. Hadn’t he been tougher on me than on most other people growing up? I gave him a hard, honest, low C. About what I felt he’d always given me.

We had a death in the family, and my mother and I traveled to the funeral. My father stayed put to complete his exams — it was his final term. On the way home we learned that he had received his grades, which were low enough in the aggregate to prevent him from graduating, and reading this news on the dowdy sofa inside the front door, he leaned over as if to rest and had a heart attack and died

For years I had thought the old man’s passing away would not affect me, but it did.

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