The Believer is described in a recent article as “the New York Review of Books, where America’s best-known writers discuss books at length, updated for a younger audience.” (Link via FIPNTRA.)

As for the McSweeney’s redesign, what was brown is now green, many links are updated, and there is an annoucement about future timeliness, participatory features, and a contest:

In the future, we’ll be adding new links almost every week — including three more this week alone — and we will be updating the site daily, at the stroke of midnight PST. Watch out for more reader-participation features and timely commentary. Finally, we are having a contest. Whoever can name the image above these words — what that thing is and what it does — will win a year’s worth of McSweeney’s journals, and a mystery box full of things from our store. Answers should be sent to: Web Contest, 826 Valencia, SF CA 94110. Include your name and address.

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