Private: Discovering and rediscovering Henry James

Using computer search functions, Floyd Horowitz, a professor, has found 24 stories he believes were written by Henry James. (Via Ed.)

In other James news, I skipped this article over the weekend, but OGIC says it describes novelist Claire Messud’s return to Portrait of a Lady twenty years after her first reading of it:

Less prone to idealization than her younger self, she recognizes complexities (“ragged truths”) in the characters that she missed the first time around, finds some of her sympathies relocated, and deems the novel even greater than she thought….

The nice thing about this essay is how, aside from offering a clear-eyed appreciation of the novel, it tracks Messud’s changing values as a reader. And though she’s glad to have moved on to this fuller appreciation, she’s not at all dismissive of the easier novel she used to love.