Private: Dirty poems, why I (don’t) hate The Believer, etc.

Apparently someone has launched a campaign to convince everyone that my true pastime is writing dirty poems.

If I were clever enough to write dirty poems, I’d probably be locked in a room doing that right now. Sadly, unlike others, I don’t have the gift. Can’t even do limericks. I do have a good hunter/bear joke, though, if that helps.

In other news, a couple of people have written today (because of my Sweet Valley High post) to ask why I hate The Believer.

Well, the answer is that I actually don’t hate The Believer. Yes, Snarkwatch is a big turn-off, as was the article that inspired it. But while I don’t have time to dig around in the site archives, and Google isn’t helping me out, I liked Tom Bissell’s ULA article and said so when I read it. (Update: here it is.)

I’ve enjoyed others, too, including Robert Birnbaum’s interview with Jamaica Kincaid and an essay on reality TV that may have been penned by Bissell, and I hope to read the Baxter article that Stephany mentioned last Friday. I even liked the Sweet Valley High piece, until toward the end, where I felt it tried a little too hard to make large, academic points.

Anyhow, my beloved stepdaughter, who’s 10 and visiting from Florida, will be arriving from the airport any minute. I’ll need to be all responsible and parent-y until the middle of next week, so there will be no posts this weekend, and very few until Wednesday.

The lovely Stephany Aulenback takes over tomorrow. Have a great weekend.