Private: De Krap

From Publishers Lunch:

The New York Observer has detected a strain of the McSweeney’s Virus over at the Village Voice, where editor Ed Park (also a co-editor of The Believer) has taken to lavishly recommending friends and co-workers like Heidi Julavits in the “Shortlist” section under the inventive acronym De Krap. “Mr. Park told Off the Record that he doesn’t use the moniker to avoid looking like he’s pitching his friends to Voice readers, and pointed out that his praise has not been lavished on McSweeney’s types alone. “It’s being a little playful. I like using the pseudonym because otherwise, it looks like I have too many bylines. It’s in the spirit of fun.” A survey of Shortlist items gives the impression that other Voice staffers don’t seem to have the same concern, though, and Park does sometimes contribute items under his real name.

And, since we here at wear our hearts on our sleeves and have no imagination, we will again invoke TMFTML today, and now quote directly from the site: “Is it just us, or does reading The Observer make you feel really dirty? It’s like People magazine for those who read above a sixth-grade level. You’ll have to excuse us for a few moments: we’ll be in the gents, scrubbing furiously.”