Private: “Club Existential Dread,” the scorched testicles of Henry James

Jonathan Ames reports that his diary of time spent at Club Med will be serialized this week at McSweeney’s.

Ames also notes (see the “readings” section) that his site soon will feature:

a young writer/scholar’s fascinating expose about the mystery of Henry James’s testicles. This issue of what exactly happened to the great writer’s testicles has long been a sore spot for James scholars, as well as for James.

I alluded to this mystery in my novel, The Extra Man, and in my memoir, What’s Not to Love?, and a reader of these works, the young scholar/writer in question, has gone to great lengths to clear up this testicular mystery, and soon on this website you will see the results of his labor. As a tease to keep you interested, the young scholar has unearthered evidence that Hemingway may have somewhat based his neutered hero of The Sun Also Rises on James.

I should mention that the rumor I heard long ago, and which I referenced in my books, is that James burned his testicles and that this accounted for the style of his prose, which nonetheless took a lot of balls to produce.