Private: Casualties

Injured in Operation Desert StormEarlier today, as everyone knows, the U.S. military bombarded Baghdad with missiles and set sections of the city ablaze.

It took all of ten minutes.

My thoughts and those of my friends are with the people of Baghdad right now.

The Iraqi children in these photographs were injured in their homes during Operation Desert Storm, the first Gulf War.

Dr. Ali Hossaini, Sr., took them to Richmond, VA for plastic surgery after the fighting. They returned to Iraq in 1993.

Today I have been accused of harping on the war because: (1) I am humorless, or (2) opposition to the war is trendy.

In fact I am harping on it because I can think of little else other than the fact that U.S. corporations are “lining up to reap the riches of rebuilding the very structures we’re in the process of destroying.” (Thanks to Donnie B. for the link.)

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