Private: Breakfast Moxie

The guy who does our website‘s one of my oldest friends; we used to play barefoot basketball at camp in Maine when we were twelve. Because we pay him for doing the website in Moxie (it’s sort of like Dr. Pepper, but with a mediciney aftertaste), and because I couldn’t order Moxie for him without ordering some Moxie for myself, I’m having Moxie for breakfast.

Origionally, they marketed Moxie as a brain tonic (it cured, among other things, “paralysis, and softening of the brain”), but the Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906 limited the medical claims they were aloud to make about it, so they started just calling Moxie a “nerve food.”

The Moxie Bottle Wagon was horse-drawn and showed up at amusement parks, east coast resorts, and dance halls.

(Thanks Maud. This is fun already.)