Booker votes

David Robson shares his opinion about who should win the Booker. He’s especially respectful of Morrall’s Astonishing Splashes of Colour but deems it and the Ali, Atwood, and Galgut novels unworthy of the prize. He continues:

That only leaves, for me, the two truly outstanding contenders on the list. Notes on a Scandal by Zoe Heller is basically Anita Brookner with jokes. The desiccated spinster narrator is brilliantly done, while there are enough witty one-liners, polished to perfection, to keep everyone happy. It is a delightful read, with dark, subtle undercurrents.

In another year, Heller would be a worthy winner. But not this year. With due respect to the women on the short-list – who form a majority for the first time – the class horse in the race, the one which picks you up and takes you careering breathless towards the winning-post, is Vernon God Little by D B C Pierre.

The bookmakers have picked Ali as the favorite.

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