Private: Book party, others who don’t speak French, and report card

The Morning After: Lou Reed’s Book Party:

8:37 – Realize that am walking around hipster party with the Wall Street Journal and a copy of Martin Amis’s The Information tucked under arm. Realize that this is probably not helping me blend in.

The Immigrant Experience: A Fifth-Generation French Canadian Tells His Story, by G. Xavier Robillard:

Assimilation in this country has been a struggle. It is hard to assimilate in elementary school when the word ‘lard’ is the end of your name. My parents forced me to speak English in the home, because it was the only language any of us knew. My soul longs for the cobbled streets of Quebec City, the mountain at the top of Montreal, the red octagonal ARETE signs at each intersection, which I would visit more often, if there were anything to do there.

Early Bird Report Card: Lindsay Atkins, by Pasha Malla of Montreal (no permalink)