Private: Bilingual blog of choice

The weblog I read daily in my ongoing struggle to master Spanish is the mostly bilingual Half an Orange, which comes live from Peru and is devoted to “rants on travel, literature, current events, bicultural married life, and Mafalda.”

The author, Josephine, a bureaucrat trained as a journalist, is Peruvian, an active Catholic, a native Spanish speaker, Aristotelian, an Alianza Lima fan, and a reader. She’s “young, tan, and when in doubt sides with Parmenides.”

THG (“The Husband Guy”) translates Josephine’s blog into English. He hails from the U.S., and is a “worried agnostic, native English speaker, Platonist, Oakland Raiders fan, and writer.” THG is “old, pale, and when in doubt sides with Heraclitus.”