Private: Back soon

From our bed of suffering, where all the pillowcases reek of Vicks VapoRub, we at find ourselves unable to concentrate on articles like this one about a novelist from Tokyo who once wrote Harlequin-style romances and now writes feminist thrillers, or Ben Ratliff’s probably sensible review of Guterson’s latest, which ends: “the novel lacks a single likable character and too often runs aground on stilted writing. Since they’re everywhere, you might as well go outside and find some bores, scammers, mystics and dropouts yourself, rather than reading about them here.”

In our absence, rather than visiting your favorite sites listed on our links page (as we would have suggested before we became aware that by doing so we would open ourselves up to accusations that we want to butcher the less popular media-establishment types and store them in our freezer), why not go and buy your local newspaper? It’s sure to provide much better literary coverage than you will find online.