Am I still allowed on here or what?

Is my time up?

I was going to post a few more things before my tenure as “Wednesday Guest” expired. But perhaps it already has?

It’s funny, all this posting: I was nervous, skeptical, but then got quickly addicted to finding things and slapping them up on Maud’s site. It provides a strange sense of empowerment, somehow. Or perhaps I am just procrastinating. Shame spiral! Shame spiral!

Instead of doing any work today, I cleaned like a madman, and then finished up this birthday package to send to the aforementioned “girl”. Its contents: the sexually suggestive, inappropriate mix cd, a card I made out of a piece of bristolboard and a quarter (she’s twenty-five) and a disposable camera, which I have half-filled with pictures of my neighbourhood. We live in different cities; she’s meant to take the remaining pictures and then send it back to me for developing. And in two weeks she visits and we share. I am, indeed, the cheesiest human being on earth. What I really need is an edge — tattoos, maybe. Or a Pit Bull. Girls dig that kind of stuff, right?

The work I was meant to be doing today is actually sort of interesting, perhaps even link-worthy. I am helping compile an online database of Theatre and Development in Canada. The site is run by a fellow who is co-Artistic Director at Montreal’s Teesri Duniya Theatre, a company “committed to the creation, development and production of socially relevant plays based on the cultural experiences of diverse communities living in Canada.” They do good work.

Last fall I worked as a writer on Teesri’s “Untold Stories Project”:

The Untold Stories project brings together community volunteers with professional and emerging performers, writers, designers, and directors to produce theatre based on stories collected from members of marginalised populations.

It was fun.

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