Private: A Special Request

Bloggers of the world! If you could all link to, I would beat out all the other lee kleins listed on google’s “lee klein” citation page. This isn’t particularly important to me, but I have been battling a particular lee klein, a nyc poet, for top of the charts since 1998. We’re currently holding at #2 (he) and #3 (me), behind some guy who makes eCards as a “creative outlet.” So if you could link to the link above (but none of the other lee-klein links linked to on that page of links linked to above), I would appreciate it. A very strange thing, ego-surfing the google citation pages when your name is fairly common . . . I just figured all you beautiful bloggers out there could easily swing the listing in my favor! Thank you, I humbly mutter as I type. And now to work!!!