Private: 40 million Left Behind books in print

In case you have not yet been convinced that Evangelical Christians of the Left Behind ilk are frighteningly deluded yet completely convinced of their beliefs and growing in number, I invite you to meet my mother and her friends consider these facts, courtesy of 60 Minutes:

All together, there are 40 million [Left Behind] books in print, and another 17 million in spin-offs. Plus, “The Kids” series, audio books and comic books are worth $100 million in annual revenue.

The books give a graphic version of the New Testament prophesy of the end of the world, happening in our time, in which only the righteous are saved. It’s a triumphant tale — unmistakably Christian, undeniably American.

“I think if you cut us, Jerry and I would bleed red, white and blue,” says [Left Behind co-author] LaHaye. “We believe that God has raised up America to be a tool in these last days, to get the Gospel to the innermost parts of the earth.”