Library patron arrested under Patriot Act

From MobyLives:

A New Mexico man who was arrested and handcuffed under the Patriot Act while in the St. John’s College library because of material and research he was looking at in the library has testified to state legislators that police “asked was I anti–American, how I felt about the war in Iraq and (about) Israel.”

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It starts with fries and ends with ROTC

I took my cousin and her friend to lunch at Petite Abeille this afternoon.

We ate mussels and fries and sandwiches on good baguettes, and right before we parted ways she told me that her twin brother, who is in his first year at a southern liberal arts university, is likely to accept a scholarship from his school’s ROTC program. Since he wants to be a doctor, he’s convinced that he will be able to choose his post and won’t be required to serve in Iraq. Continue reading…

Stolen online short story wins academic awards

Seth Shafer, editor of Pig Iron Malt, won a $1000 prize from Fictionline for his short story “Main Strength” back in the summer of 2001.

Some nine months later, Ung Lee, a Princeton University student,* allegedly ripped off Shafer’s story. He changed some details, renamed the story “Accidents,” and turned it in as his thesis. Continue reading…

Police suggest mastectomy for busty snow woman

An Ohio housewife who constructed a snow woman with “two blobs of snow for the breasts” resisted police orders to cut the breasts off of the allegedly “indecent snow figure.” Following the example of the U.S. Attorney General, she opted instead to drape a cloth over the offending parts. (Thanks to Matt for the link.)

Godoff ouster precipitates author exodus

A mass exodus of authors from Random House after the recent ouster of Ann Godoff, publisher and editor-in-chief, is “raising questions among authors, agents and critics about the future of the venerable Random House imprint, the home of William Faulkner, Robert Penn Warren and Truman Capote, and an important institution in modern American letters.” Continue reading…